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Dr. Josh Howe

The human body is an amazing machine, but occasionally, it will become sore, stiff, or suffer painful ailments like headaches or stiff joints. This pain can result from past injuries, growing older, or sometimes, just turning your head too quickly. Chiropractic care unlocks health by treating the entire body, while medical doctors will use medication to treat these conditions.

What is a Chiropractor & How Do They Help?

The chiropractic healing approach is a medical specialty that treats bones, muscles, tendons, nerves, and ligaments. Besides focusing on the body’s ability to heal itself, chiropractic also includes additional treatments like nutrition, exercise, and massage.

Doctor Howe is unique in that he personally strives to live out an example of ultimate wellness, and is passionate about sharing easy, best-practices to help others unlock their own healthy, pain-free lifestyle. Clients seek him out for his practical knowledge on daily living. 

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Our Chiropractor Services

Natural Pain Relief

While our top priority is to aid individuals in achieving ideal wellness, as the body functions more normally under care, people experience relief from a wide range of symptoms as well.

We Get Results

Dr. Howe is expertly trained, and after a thorough assessment and evaluation, he will determine what YOU need to feel better, and live your life at the higher level that you deserve. Contact us now to help you step into your new life today.

Systematic Approach

Our systematic chiropractic approach allows people to experience relief from persistent conditions like neck and back pain, headaches numbness/tingling sciatica, acid reflux, and often improves energy levels and sleep quality. While allowing patients to feel less stressed, and much more.

What Is the Difference Between a Doctor and A Chiropractor?

While all doctors are medical professionals, some are primary care physicians, and some are specialists. A doctor has in-depth knowledge of both general medicine and their specialization. Patients are commonly treated with medication, which invades the entire body.

Legally acknowledged as a doctor-level provider, chiropractic professionals are educated and trained to inspect, analyze, and diagnose disorders in the human body using physical, laboratory, or medical imaging processes. They attend graduate school before they can take the final exam, which is both written and hands-on.

Chiropractors may use manual, mechanical, electrical, or natural methods to adjust, relax, or treat the human body. They may also use acupuncture, heat or cold treatment, or other complementary therapies. Overall, most people enjoy these office visits compared to the standard treatment provided at doctor’s visits.


The Most Common Conditions that Require Chiropractic Treatment

What to Expect from a Typical Chiropractic First Visit

Just like visiting any doctor, you will fill out the standard paperwork with your contact information and medical history at your first office visit. Next, a general examination checks your blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and reflexes. Your chiropractor will use specific orthopedic and neurological assessments to evaluate:

• Flexibility

• Joint Pain

• Muscle Tone

• Strength

• Neurological Functions

Additional chiropractic examinations, such as watching the patient walk, performing a posture analysis, or assessing flexibility, may be required to evaluate the affected area. For future visits, X-rays may be requested.



People suffering from these ailments often elect to receive chiropractic treatment:

• Muscle Pain or Soreness

• Restricted Mobility

• Sciatica

• Constant Headaches

• Back Pain

• Neck Ache

• Recovery from an Injury or Whiplash

• Knee Pain


What Kind of Equipment Will Be Used?

Your visits might include the following:

• Ultrasound Therapy

• Massage Table

• Thermography

• Hydrotherapy

• Roller Table

• Radiography

• Electrical Stimulation of the Muscles

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Located 18 minutes away from South Lyons in the community of Northville, we are excited to be your new Chiropractor.

If you have started your search online for a chiropractor near you and come across our page, or if you are already established as one of our regular patients, we are so glad to have you here!

If you’re new to our practice, be sure to ask a lot of questions to learn as much as you. The healing journey can start right here, and we hope to connect with you as soon as possible!

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It is not normal to experience pain, discomfort, or other health issues regularly. For optimal health, seek treatment that allows the body to heal itself in a natural and safe way. Once you experience physical adjustments and a relaxing massage from healing hands, you’ll look at medical treatment in a whole new light.

As your local  Chiropractor near South Lyon, we take pride in our work and have the friendliest service in town.  Our office is committed to giving you the best treatment available in Michigan.

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