Ready to escape a life of pain and sickness?

Join Dr. Josh Howe on a journey to learn how to unlock your inner greatness and rebuild your body to complete wellness.


Dr. Josh Howe

Dr. Josh Howe works with motivated spirits just like yours that want to get healthy, get out of pain, and experience the highest quality of life.

Do you have injuries, ailments or back pain, and have you tried everything and anything to get better?

No worries! I have created a practice based on the highest principles, to help you heal and get well. Our practice will help guide you back to ultimate health and help you to continue to grow.

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Our Chiropractor Services

pain relief chiropractor in northville, mi

Natural Pain Relief

While our top priority is to aid individuals in achieving ideal wellness, as the body functions more normally under care, people experience relief from a wide range of symptoms as well.

spine management in northville, mi

We Get Results

Dr. Howe is expertly trained, and after a thorough assessment and evaluation, he will determine what YOU need to feel better, and live your life at the higher level that you deserve. Contact us now to help you step into your new life today.

back pain chiropractor in northville, mi

Systematic Approach

Our systematic chiropractic approach allows people to experience relief from persistent conditions like neck pain and back pain, headaches numbness/tingling sciatica, acid reflux, and often improves energy levels and sleep quality. While allowing patients to feel less stressed, and much more.


Personalized Care

Dr. Howe is a dedicated and compassionate chiropractor, and a graduate of the prestigious Life University. 

Seeing himself as a servant leader, whose duty is to help others live more full, more rewarding lives, he takes great pride in finding the primary problem areas of the spine and then providing a subsequent, high-quality spinal adjustment to restore normal movement and neurological function.

Although Dr. Howe aims to care for anyone, regardless of age or symptomatic presentation, he particularly focuses on family and pediatric care, as well as, athletes. Those ready to raise their standards on their quality of life in general are also a great fit. 

With certainty, he can and will get you heading in the right direction with your health and life today!


What People Are Saying

Jessica Venturi
Jessica Venturi
Life coach, Healthy Life
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After avoiding chiropractic treatment since having major spine surgery five years ago, multi-level fusion with hardware from L4-S1, I finally decided I had to be adjusted. Dr. Howe was able to adjust my spine without disrupting my fusion site, and didn't leave me feeling like I received a partial adjustment. He not only helped to relieve the tension in my upper back and neck, but the nerve pain in my legs is much less than it was before seeing him. I will be going back to see him for care, and would encourage anyone looking for a chiropractor to visit him. He takes his work seriously and it shows, between his smile and thoroughness and the warmth of his office staff, his patients are sure to feel cared for.
Neil Anderson
Neil Anderson
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I had an amazing experience! I walked into the office an absolute mess and left feeling like a new man. Dr. Howe was extremely professional, caring, and thorough. I was very nervous as this was my first time being adjusted and Dr.Howe made me feel completely at ease. I had a wonderful experience and would highly recommend him to everyone!
Frank Nasutowicz
Frank Nasutowicz
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There are those who do for the money, and there are those who do for the love of humankind and their love of their profession. Dr. Howe is one of those rare individuals of the latter sort. He is simply a uniquely dedicated and caring individual. I have been to many chiropractors, but one ever rises to the the very top of my list: Dr. Howe.
Daresha Snowden
Daresha Snowden
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My experience going to Dr. howe has been so pleasant from the moment I walked through the door. The knowledge that Dr. Howe has given to me about his practice and what it does for me has put me in a much better mood than I was in before. I actually like going and getting adjusted, and it just makes all of the worries of the world lift off my shoulders.
Jeanette Koch
Jeanette Koch
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When I started in June I had already been going to another doctor for my shoulder and neck pain. What they couldn't fix Dr. Howe did. I can now move my arm and neck with no pain at all, I highly recommend Dr.Howe.
Sue Cova
Sue Cova
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He is funny, educated, and effective. I'm not an easy person to adjust but Dr. Howe has figured it out and I am feeling so much better.
Rusty Shackleford
Rusty Shackleford
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Life changing. There is no other way to put it. Your health is so important. Dr. Howe will help you reach your goals and better yourself. Your quality of life WILL improve. FANTASTIC service, clean office, and friendly environment.

Chiropractic Care: Are you THRIVING or just surviving?

Our team will take an organized approach to your health and wellness to get the best outcome. We provide a comprehensive assessment and evaluation and a full set of digital x-rays (if necessary) to figure out the exact cause and solution(s) to your issues. We will figure out a chiropractic treatment strategy to enhance the quality of your life.

Wellness Awaits You! The bottom line is, being healthy and feeling good is a birthright. Experiencing pain, symptoms, and other health issues on any kind of regular basis is NOT normal. Contact us today for an appointment to see how we can help you!

Customers often come to us seeking chiropractic care for their neck pain, headaches, sciatica, migraines, low back pain, shoulder pain, or sports injuries. However, we don’t want to stop with only treating symptoms. It is our goal to move beyond immediate relief and unlock chiropractic wellness for you and your family.

Doctor Howe is well-versed in the gentle subluxation of the spine, and offers a professional and affordable family chiropractic practice.

Whether you need advice on physical fitness or are seeking chiropractic care to support your existing physical therapy, wellness begins by making a few small, life-changing decisions. Dr. Howe has specific knowledge to help guide you toward muscle relaxation and greater health.

Our office staff creates a low-stress environment for our clients, making it a relaxing process to resolve their back issues. Wellness awaits! We look forward to your call. 

Common Reasons People Seek Care:

  • Joint Pain
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Tight Muscles
  • Osteoarthritis Pain
  • Flexibility
  • Leg or Knee Pain
  • Neurological Functions
  • Sports Injury
  • Sleep problems
  • Sciatica
  • Soreness or Muscle Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • A Herniated Disc
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Backaches
  • Mobility Issues
  • Recovery from an Injury
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive Issues 

Service Areas

We are proud to serve our community. Many of our patients find us to be easy access from the surrounding communities.