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What Is a Chiropractic Professional & How Can They Help?

By gently adjusting your spine and other areas of the body into correct alignment, chiropractors focus on issues related to your body’s structure. Their objectives include pain relief, improved flexibility, and overall well-being.


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Our Chiropractor Services

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Natural Pain Relief

While our top priority is to aid individuals in achieving ideal wellness, as the body functions more normally under care, people experience relief from a wide range of symptoms as well.

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We Get Results

Dr. Howe is expertly trained, and after a thorough assessment and evaluation, he will determine what YOU need to feel better, and live your life at the higher level that you deserve. Contact us now to help you step into your new life today.

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Systematic Approach

Our systematic chiropractic approach allows people to experience relief from persistent conditions like neck and back pain, headaches numbness/tingling sciatica, acid reflux, and often improves energy levels and sleep quality. While allowing patients to feel less stressed, and much more.

What Distinguishes a Doctor from a Chiropractor?

There are fundamental distinctions between an MD (Medical Doctor) and a DC (Doctor of Chiropractic). Both types of practitioners focus on assisting you in regaining your health, but in different ways.

The primary distinction between medical providers and chiropractors is that chiropractors don’t perform surgery or provide prescriptions. Instead, their services include hands-on adjustments to lessen discomfort and promote natural healing and wellness to fit your individual needs.

Chiropractors typically won’t work with obvious injuries like broken bones until they are healed. In some cases, chiropractors work alongside pain management specialists and primary care physicians to provide a comprehensive treatment program.

A chiropractor will have a conversation with you regarding your protected health information, lifestyle, and your physical pain symptoms. They will evaluate you and discuss a potential course of action, then administer the required manual therapy.

A Standard Chiropractic First Visit: What to Expect

Before performing any treatment, your health and pain concerns will be discussed with your chiropractor. They will want to know where your pain is, how long have you have had it, and how painful is it.

Chiropractic treatments improve the body’s ability to heal itself and recover from chronic pain. Everything from stubborn back pain, joint pain, or jaw pain will respond well from chiropractic’s holistic approach to full-body health and wellness.

Your first visit will probably require some adjusting. This is a quick and painless procedure that that may offer immediate benefits like pain relief, improved flexibility, and overall better health.

Adjustments will aid issues like:

Joint Pain
Tight Muscles
Osteoarthritis Pain
Leg or Knee Pain
Neurological Functions

Be prepared to schedule a follow-up appointment. Typically, chiropractor services will last several weeks. The chiropractor may even advise you to see them for two or three appointments each week. Usually, follow-up appointments are shorter than first one. 

Conditions Most Often Needing Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is frequently chosen as treatment by people with these conditions:

Soreness or Muscle Pain
Neck Pains
A Herniated Disc
Chronic Headaches
Injury or Pain from a Car Accident
Mobility Issues
Recovery from an Injury

How Long Before I See Results After Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic treatment helps patients feel better after receiving treatment, depending on the severity of the problem. There should be some noticeable improvement within one to four weeks of beginning chiropractic therapy, but this will vary depending on the condition being treated.

Your chiropractor may also give you exercise and nutrition tips to help you achieve proper posture and better muscle tone.

Our Mission is to Be the Best Chiropractic Office Near Plymouth, MI

As your neighborhood chiropractor 11 minutes away in Northville, MI, we take great pride in our wonderful care and provide our patients with the friendliest service in town. 

Dr. Josh Howe believes in practicing what he preaches and lives a holistic lifestyle that supports ultimate health. He is passionate about sharing that with others and helping others unlock their own health story. 

For the best chiropractic treatments in Plymouth, Michigan, we provide you with all the services you need for health and wellness.

The Road to Wellness

Chiropractic treatment promotes the body’s ability to heal itself in a safe and natural way. You’ll view medical therapy in a completely different way after receiving physical adjustments from our healing hands. Everything from strains to back injuries can be addressed with chiropractic treatments.

Schedule an appointment to visit the Northville Chiropractic facility located near Plymouth Michigan to find out how we can get you back onto the road to good health and wellness

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