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What is a Chiropractic Professional & How Can They Help?

A chiropractor helps those experiencing pain in their neck and back through manual manipulation of the spine. Besides improving back and neck pain, a chiropractor can help with your overall health by customizing a healthcare plan that takes a holistic approach to health.

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Natural Pain Relief

Before you try addictive painkillers or risky back surgeries, try chiropractic care. Not only can we relieve pain naturally, but we can get to the bottom of why your chronic conditions keep coming back.

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We Get Results

Dr. Joshe Howe knew that chiropractic care was how he could help people after being under the wing of Dr. James O'Dell and later interning with Dr. Robert Braile, a chiropractic doctor with over 40 years of experience. His center has a 5-star rating on Google Reviews, with old and new patients praising him for his expertise, friendly approach, effectiveness, and comfortable office atmosphere.

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Systematic Approach

Chiropractic care has a three-tiered systemic approach. A chiropractic doctor will relieve your pain; then, they will treat the root causes for the long term. Finally, a chiropractic doctor works with you to keep you maintained and prevent any future issues.

What Distinguishes a Doctor from a Chiropractor?

Doctors treat conditions across the entire body, while chiropractic doctors treat spine, neck, and nerve issues. While there are often cases where you should see doctors, chiropractors may be ideal, depending on the situation. Chiropractors are easier to afford and are usually conveniently located near you.

Some people believe that chiropractic doctors do not have the same amount of education as traditional doctors. However, chiropractors often go through similar training. If you want to be in the legal clear as a chiropractor, you must complete a 4-5 year chiropractic college study course. The study must be at an accredited program. They will then receive a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Afterward, they need to complete board exams and continue ongoing education courses to keep up with the evolving standards of chiropractic care.

In addition, chiropractic doctors may use other treatments to relieve your pain. For example, some chiropractic doctors may use cold laser therapy to treat skin issues.

A Standard Chiropractic First Visit: What to Expect

Your first appointment with a chiropractic doctor first involves a consultation. You explain to a chiropractor what your problems are and show the chiropractic doctor where your pain is located. Whether it’s joint, neck, or sciatica pain, a chiropractic doctor can give you a slight adjustment to relieve the pain.

You may wonder if the initial adjustment will be painful with chiropractic care. Chiropractic doctors are well-trained to bring you pain relief without much discomfort from you. Want to learn more? Then a chiropractor is your best friend.

Adjustments Will Aid Issues Like:

Joint Pain
Tight Muscles
Osteoarthritis Pain
Leg or Knee Pain
Neurological Functions

More Than Neck Pain Needs Chiropractic Services

Many people believe chiropractic care involves treating pain in the neck area. However, chiropractic care is much more than that. Here are some issues that a chiropractor can help you treat:

Soreness or Muscle Pain
Neck Pains
A Herniated Disc
Chronic Headaches
Injury or Pain from a Car Accident
Mobility Issues
Recovery from an Injury

How Long Before I See Results After Chiropractic Care?

Many patients will feel pain relief shortly after their first visit. Whether it’s neck, shoulder, or low back pain, a chiropractic doctor’s adjustment will allow the patient to feel relief.

However, long-term relief can take a month or so. You may need a long-term, holistic approach to treat the root causes of your issues. Chiropractic care combines short-term relief with long-term maintenance and changes to your health routine.

It ultimately depends on the severity of your injury. Minor pains can take a shorter time to treat, and vice versa. However, every situation is unique. We must know your issue before we can give you an ETA. Visit us, and we can help you create a comprehensive plan.

Our Mission is to Be the Best Chiropractic Office Near Canton, MI

Dr. Howe and his staff are dedicated to providing the best family chiropractic care in Canton, MI. Conveniently located in Canton, our team has treated clients from all walks of life, from minor pain to severe injuries.

The Road to Wellness

No matter your issue, we can treat it and lead you to better health. The road to wellness can be long, but with the proper chiropractic care and lifestyle changes, you can reach your destination much faster.

If you’re ready to begin your adjustment journey, contact us to schedule an appointment. We can help you learn the source of your pain, relieve you, and help you create a lifestyle plan to give you the best health possible.

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